Morning Sickness and How to Deal with It

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Morning SicknessWomen who are in early pregnancy usually get the morning sickness in their first trimester of pregnancy. Although in some women this sickness can be present on the whole time of pregnancy, making it hard for them to gain weight during pregnancy. There are some over-the-counter drugs that can help to reduce the sickness but overall, the morning sickness is normal and does not need immediate medication.

Morning sickness is caused by the changing of hormones from which the estrogen hormones level is significantly goes up from the beginning of the pregnancy. Women with hormonal birth control can also experience this morning sickness. Despite of the name, this sickness can commonly happen anytime during the day. It is also common for pregnant women to have morning sickness at night. The sickness usually comes when the pregnant woman smells something that she cannot take; this is why on the first trimester a pregnant woman will find it hard to eat anything with strong aroma and also leads to food cravings.

Morning Sickness: Human Evolution and Food Cravings

There’s a study on this matter that state that morning sickness is a part of women’s evolution in protecting the fetus. Morning sickness works as an alarm of what harmful for the fetus. That is why most of the morning sickness trigger is when the pregnant women is smelling strong aroma like grilled meat, cigarettes smoke and perfumes. It indicates that there’s dangerous substance in those things that will likely be harmful for the pregnant women and the fetus. It has also been proved that pregnant women with no morning sickness are likely to get miscarry because they don’t have the alarm of what’s good and bad for their pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Cure

Food craving is the most common thing happens to women in their early pregnancy. This usually makes the pregnant women wouldn’t want to eat anything but the food that she really wants. In some women this food craving case can be unique; they might eat food that they never eat before and also obsessively eating only one or two kinds of food for the whole day. While the food might not have a straight effect in reducing the morning sickness, it might help the women to reduce their stress a little bit.

How to Deal with Morning Sickness

There are some prescribed medications such as Ondansentron, Antihistamine andPyridoxine were relatively well accepted by women with morning sickness. Some doctor might also prescribe the pregnant woman with regular intake of vitamin B6 to reduce the nausea it causes. But regarding the pregnancy, the medication outside vitamin supplements should not be regularly taken as it might harm the pregnancy.

It is okay to avoid the smell that is unpleasant to you during pregnancy to reduce the sickness. Remember to try eating properly with enough nutrition even though the morning sickness is taking you back from eating. Taking small cup of ginger tea is also believed to decrease the sickness and give warm feeling to the body. Always carry a small medical mask to help you filter the odor and aroma around you and keeping a small bottle of your favorite aroma therapy oils can help you to relax whenever the pregnancy nausea comes.