How to Choose Air Freight Services to Optimize Your Shipping

Air freight service has been one of the most popular choices to ship goods and cargo recently. The option is picked based on many recommendations of companies or individual who choose to use the service for convenience. Air freight is used for transferring goods and cargo nationally or internationally. See

Reported, smaller and mid-sized companies are two of the most loyal customers who prefer to use the air service instead of marine or ground shipping, especially when it comes to participating in an international trading community. However, as a customer, there are some aspects that we need to understand before using air freight to deliver packages. Here are some tips on how to choose air freight services.

Air Freight

Choosing the Right Air Freight

Air freight is one of the most popular choices to do import and export business these days. A broad people are enjoying the service, but how much do we know about it? Here are some things about how it actually works. These are tips on how to choose air freight services:

The Cost

Cost is the bottom line of the shipping process. Everything in this world would require you to pay some dollars in order to finish the job. As a business person, this may come as a nature to consider the cost of the shipping. Naturally, one tends to choose a service which offers less cost. Even if the sea freight is usually cheaper than the air freight, many professional business people who have used the service of air freight claim that that is not the ultimate case.

This is what you need to know about how to choose air freight services so the cost does not burden you. Air freight has the chargeable weight cost which is the cost that calculated from the weight and the size of the shipment combined. Moreover, freight shipping cost is also estimated by the destination charges, a charge for the airport warehouse—which is cheaper than sea warehouse.


Speed becomes one of the most important factors that influence your choice of shipping arrangement. Sea freight will cost you a month for the cargo to arrive, while air freight transfers your goods in a day or two. So, it depends on your business’ priority. If you are all about “the faster, the better” Then air freight is highly recommended. That is how to choose air freight services, considering your business’ priority. If there is a system which can deliver faster, why would waste on something that would take days and even months?


The next category on how to choose air freight services is the reliability. If you are asked, “which one is more reliable: sea or air freight?” tell us what is your answer. Here is what you should know. Air freight tends to be more reliable because air service is very on top of the schedule. If your cargo gets delayed, the delay would last for a day or two; however, if sea freight gets delayed, it takes up to a week or longer.

How to Find the Best Shipping Companies to Africa Guide

To make your goods delivered securely and on time to Africa, you need the best Shipping Companies to Africa. It is basically easy to find the best shipping company, but because of there are too many companies available to choose, finding the best one becomes a bit more difficult.

But don’t worry as you just need to make sure that the shipping company you will take provides the following basic services.

There are several basic services of Shipping Companies to Africa offered to you. They include;

  • Door to Door Logistics Services
  • Air Cargo and Sea Freight Services
  • Customs Clearance Documentation
  • Secure Cargo Service
  • Marine and Cargo Insurance
  • All-time 24/7 Service

There are also some other things that you need to make sure that the company you take has. First, the company should provide end-to-end solution for all the logistics and transportation needed by the customers.

In fact, customers will be satisfied by the maximum benefits of integrated domestic and international network. This will create a strong supply chain that minimizes some technical problems that may make the goods are too late to deliver.

shipping companies to africa

Time is always a matter for the customers, including you. You must expect that your goods are delivered on time. In addition, you may also need to have time critical shipments. You need to find the company that lists this feature in their service list. The company that focuses on high quality performance and excellent time definite delivery will be your option to take.

The next consideration is about the goods that you want to deliver. Basically, you can ship everything, from the smallest to the largest in size. However, not all companies accept some goods in large sizes. On the other hand, the best company for you is not those that have the ability of delivering large goods, but simple those that meet your needs. If you only want to deliver some small goods, then you don’t need those sorts of companies. Be wise and effective!

Still in relation to the goods that you want to deliver to Africa, the last consideration is about the price. Some companies may promote their ability in supporting some very large goods. However, in the same times they may charge more for the smaller goods.

You need to observe the prices offered by some companies and then compare each of them. Some Shipping Companies to Africa may offer cheaper price for small goods and some other companies may offer cheaper price for large goods.