ASICS Gel-Nimbus: the Best Running Shoes for Marathon

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Marathon is a demanding sport. Therefore, wearing the right footwear that provides your feet with perfect protection against shocks and blisters and one that makes you feel comfortable when wearing it is necessary.


There are several features that make this ASICS’s product a perfect option for the runner. If you are interested in buying this product, you should read about those features and you should know the right place to buy it.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus is a running shoe product that you may want to choose if you are looking for a perfect pair of shoes for running. You can learn more about how to choose the most suitable ASICS running shoes for you at Runners Choice.

There is a shoe finder function that you can use there to find a specific product according to a surface you usually run on, your gender, your running frequency, and your pronation.

Asics Running Shoes

Gel-Nimbus’s Powerful Features

Gel-Nimbus has a number of powerful features that are commonly found in shoes with ASICS brand name but either rarely or never found in other shoes with different brand names. Those features are represented by the technologies used in the shoe design. More detailed information about those technologies is listed as follows.

ASICS Gel Nimbus

FluidFit technology

This technology makes the shoes adapt your feet perfectly. They hold your feet firmly and their stretching is so flexible that they always follow the movement and pronation of your feet.

Dynamic DuoMax technology

Anyone familiar with ASICS footwear must be familiar with its DuoMax technology, a technology that increases the shoes’ support and stability by positioning dual-density midsole system. Dynamic DuoMax technology is the enhancement of DuoMax technology with the addition of reduced weight and increased comfort features. This technology makes Gel-Nimbus one of the most celebrated ASICS stability running shoes.

Gel cushioning technology

This technology is applied to both the shoes’ rear and forefoot of Gel-Nimbus. The rear gel cushioning system allows the shoes to effectively absorb shock during heel impact while the forefoot gel cushioning system allows the shoes to reduce shear forces and to improve propulsion.

FluidRide technology

This technology improves the cushioning system of the shoes by adding reduced weight feature. It also makes the shoes stronger and more durable with all impacts that they have to bear.

Guidance Trusstic System technology

This midfoot technology provides a strong link between the shoes’ rear and front. It also provides midfoot with structural integrity to make it always perfectly prepared for propulsion.

Heel Clutching System technology

This technology provides extra support and comfortable hold to your heel when you are running.

With all of those technologies present in ASICS Gel Nimbus, it is not an exaggeration to call this product the best running shoes available today.

How to Buy Gel-Nimbus Shoes

To buy Gel-Nimbus Shoes, you can visit Amazon or ASICS’s website. The latest variant of this model. If you want to buy it, you need to know that this model is only suitable for you if your running style is either neutral or overpronation.